About Reliably Me

Commitments tracking and recognition platform that helps grant funding organizations measure the relative effectiveness of their community investments.

Founded in 2018, ReliablyME is an early-stage, for-profit, social enterprise startup based in Toronto that develops information technologies that help people to be recognized for their authentic self and social worth in order to gain easier and equitable access to scarce resources, such as education, employment, housing, credit, and insurance.

ReliablyME has developed an application-independent technology platform that serves as the equivalent to a credit score for the so-called “trustworthy invisible”, giving people an opportunity to objectively demonstrate their personal integrity and good character. It is designed to easily integrate with any application that has a commitment (or goal) component and thereby enables all users to continue to build their universal ReliablyME Commitment Portfolios in a variety of scenarios.

The COVID-19 pandemic disruption has created an opportunity to help recognize people for their diligence in adopting and maintaining good physical-distancing and hand-hygiene practices via SMS text messaging.

Website: http://ReliablyME.com

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