International Strategic Development Offices (ISDO)


Our International Strategic Development Offices (ISDO) provide strategic advice to clients on their business decisions and help them to locate current international market opportunities. We have helped clients adopt responsive solutions in all stages of a business lifecycle and further assist them through business planning, funding with our specific and deep international expertise through our global network. We provide services to public and private sector clients as well as international funding institutions. Our consultants are seasoned executives and entrepreneurs who have worked for investors, startups, fund companies, banks and other consultancies.

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We unlock business potential by creating strategies that drive sustainable growth

Turnaround & Restructuring
We help management stabilize finances and operations to reassure all stakeholders that proactive steps are being taken to preserve value. In crisis situations, our deep expertise across many industries allows us to quickly ascertain the key issues and to react immediately on behalf of our clients. We help leaders of companies develop strategic visions, improve business processes, reduce complexity and build new capabilities for both short-term and long-term success.
Due Diligence
Due Dilligence is all about meticulous data analysis. We provide the full range of advisory services to businesses, investors and lenders. This includes technology assessment, risk analysis, financial modelling and financial auditing.
Industry Marketing
Many businesses encounter situation where internal resources are struggling to provide the advancement in business growth, we can help your business get back to high growth performance, through the application of our extensive marketing expertise, that covers all major sectors at both corporate and SME levels. ​
Strategic Planning

Our services consist of multiple eight disciplines including Corporate Strategy, Business Model Transformation, M&A, Organisational Strategy, Functional Strategy, Operational Strategy and Digital Strategy. We help business leaders develop strategic visions, improve business processes, reduce complexity and build new capabilities for both short-term and long-term success.

Fundraising Advisory

Our experience in and around the financial side of startups for the past 20 years as well as a general understanding of fundraising on the whole has allowed us to be effective advisors on the topic. Not only can we help connect you with potential investors, but we can also help consult on the deals you are seeking or presented with to make certain you are getting the best outcome.

IPO/RTO Consulting

Many businesses has IPO/RTO in their strategic growth plans. We assist clients in assessing whether their company meets the qualitative and quantitative requirements of listing on the desired Stock Exchange. If the preliminary requirements are met, we can assist the company in putting together a listing plan and timeline, gathering a professional team including sponsors, lawyers, accountants and other advisors to support the Company’s undertaking. We are also able to help the company to project manage the whole IPO process up to the stage of listing.

"The power of wisdom integrating businesses across the continents"



Andrew Chang-Sang

United Kingdom

Andrew brings over 20 years of financial management experience with a long and proven track record in fund management, lending and building startup companies. Andrew has structured and managed complex securitization transactions totaling over $1 billion.

Andrew has served as the President of Productivity Media Inc. since 2013. He is responsible for the entire operation, responsible for all facets of the business. Prior to his career at PMI, Andrew served as Director, Adfund & Payment Solutions for Tim Hortons Inc, Director, Finance for Just Energy, Head of the Planning & Analysis group for Canada’s student loan portfolio at the EDULINX Canada Corporation.


Fernanndo Zavalla


Fernanndo graduated from the University of Navarra and studied in Business Administration and Marketing at the University of Georgetown (Washington DC).

Fernanndo has over 25 years working experiences and has been advising foreign companies on public financing and establishment of International subsidiaries in Spain. Fernanndo has participated in numerous international projects in sectors such as pharmaceutical, medicine, telecommunications, entertainment/media and renewable energy including China, USA, Switzerland, UK, Senegal and more.

Hong Kong

Denis Chow

Hong Kong / China

Denis has over 20 years working experiences and earn a progressively responsible management position in IT and health care industry in US and Asia. With solid experience and successful career in project management, marketing, promotion and business development in PRC and Asia Pacific Regional area.

HE has very good relationship working with public companies; he was appointed as INED of Mingyuan Medicare Development, set up and successfully raised 500 million from the open market for Mobile Medical Diagnostic and helped MTel Ltd listed on the HKGEM at 2003.


Carmen Ng


Mr. Carmen Ng is a serial entrepreneur who continually developing businesses and opportunities he encountered. He also served as a mentor to help young executives to realize their potential.

Currently, Carmen is Chairman of CAPRiser Group, and the CEO of Enso VC.

Prior to that, Carmen has founded, co-founded, advised, invested in businesses such as e-commerce, biotech/healthTech/biomed, real estate, trading, not-for-profit organization and etc. Carmen has also actively participated in local charitable initiatives collaborating with government agencies.