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A Greener Alternative

PULP SHRED was founded in 2018, amidst the economic downturn in Calgary, with the clear vision of offering a greener alternative for data security. We bring freshness and environmental consciousness to the data security and destruction industry, while providing a secure and cost-effective solution to Calgarians. 

PULP SHRED’s business model is based on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework and philosophy. To us, it is not a binary choice, i.e. whether to choose our business processes (data security and destruction) over greener practices (contamination removal and recycling) or social commitment (community involvement) – all three are an intrinsic part of our company DNA and value proposition. 

“Garbage in-Garbage out” is a maxim that is ringing true for many recycling companies, especially since China’s effective ban on accepting recycled materials. Unfortunately, without effective sorting mechanisms the end-of-life recycling output is worth just that – garbage, ending up in the landfills. At PULP SHRED, we ensure proper removal of contaminants (e.g. plastics, metal, three- ringed binders, rubber bands, garbage, etc.) to produce high quality shredded paper bales. These high fibre bales ensure a higher acceptance by paper mills, are proceeded and converted into new paper products, creating circular economy and generating local jobs. 

Since our inception, through our diligent and strict contamination removal policies, we have (and continue to do so) effectively recycled over 78.50 Tons (or 157,000 pounds) of shredded paper, achieving our zero-landfill paper waste commitment. This equates to a realized savings of 1,335 virgin trees from getting cut; 259 cubic yards of Calgary landfill space from paper waste; 549,500 gallons of water by using recycled materials. 

We are the only company in Canada, and possibly in North America, to offer secure video verification compliance of customers’ shredding. PULP SHRED is pleased to announce our selection as a finalist for the 2020 Alberta Business Awards of Distinction in the Newcomer Entrepreneur category. Additionally, we were recently recognized by Telus as one of the Top 100 small businesses in Canada and profiled by Scotiabank for our greener business practices. 

PULP SHRED is a 100% privately owned local company competing against global giants and other out of province companies. Being promoted by Canadian Angel Investment Foundation (CAIF) will create further brand awareness of our greener, securer and innovative approach to document security. Additionally, it will be a recognition for businesses outside of the energy sector, thereby encouraging diversification of Calgary and Province’s economic activities. In closing, below is an overview of PULP SHRED’s greener business model and practices:

  1. Smaller footprint: Compact facility size and smaller fuel- efficient service vehicles for energy savings.
  2. Custom designed state-of-the-art shredding technology: Equipment design innovations, high throughput rate, all in one process from shredding to commingling to baling provides high efficiency, productivity and low material wastage.
  3. Contamination removal before baling: Diligent removal of contaminants ensures high quality shredded paper bale output and acceptance by paper mills, thereby ensuring our zero-landfill paper waste commitment.
  4. Residential data security and recycling: Easy location access and affordable security shredding services allows Calgary area residents to choose our greener option versus throwing in the waste bins, thereby reducing waste from landfills and higher recycling rates.
  5. Circular economy generation: Create local jobs by bringing back recycled paper products,such as our own brand of Kraft file boxes (Pulp Boxes), shredding bags, wallet tissues.
  6. Greener service practices: No vehicle idling policy, paper shred dust filtration & control, diligent contamination removal, electronically enclosed forklift, workshop waste reduction, recycling of paper, cardboard boxes (Old Corrugated Cardboard), plastics, and composting. 

We are a 100% plant-based data security, destruction & recycling facility. Our values do not align with the mobile shredding truck hauling business model. We are committed to zero-landfill paper waste commitment – recycling all shredded paper and creating circular economy by bringing back new products!

Website: pulpshred.com

Business Lifecycle Stage: Growth and Establishment


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