One Minute Insights

Quoted from "The One-Minute Entrepreneur" by Ken Blanchard, Don Hutson and Ethan Willis

One-Minute Insights

These one-minute insights are quoted from the book “The One-Minute Entrepreneur” by Ken Blanchard, Don Hutson and Ethan Willis.  We found them to be very helpful and useful reminders for us. Hope you enjoy them too. 

One-Minute Insights

  • Associate with people you admire and can learn from
  • Keep a notebook to write down the wisdom that you read, hear and learn and distill that learning into 1 minute insights
  • Good life is built on strong values, such as integrity, love, honesty, and purposeful work.
  • You never have to cheat to win.
  • What is right is more important than who is right.
  • You will be the same year after year, except the people you meet and the books you read
  • You can get what you want in life by helping others to get what they want
  • Lead with your ears
  • Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet
  • It’s not that who you know who counts, it’s who knows you and what they think of you count.
  • When you see moment impacting your destiny, seize the opportunity.
  • Humility help you to be open to learning and growing of your field of expertise.
  • Take care of your numbers and your number will take care of you.
  • To create a successful business, you must first master the basics.
  • For mentor to be effective, you must be enthusiastic and committed protege
  • Always visualize your desired outcome ahead of time.
  • In sales or any other business, you are constantly on stage, so act like it.
  • Ambitions is the fuel that can drive life changing event
  • Identify what you are passionate about doing and look to do more of it.
  • Don’t be afraid to dream big.
  • Don’t quit your day job until you have some success under your belt
  • If nobody would pay you for your passion, then you have a hobby, not a career.
  • On the entrepreneur path, few people come into your life without a reason.
  • Becoming a successful entrepreneur and having a spouse are not mutually exclusive
  • When it comes to finding a life partner,  character and value trumps personality and looks
  • To build a great marriage, especially when you are an entrepreneur, make sure you spend time together outside of meals and sleeping.
  • You and your spouse are a team, act like one.
  • Too many people dream too small.  Remember you will never achieve more than you think you can.  So create a big dream. 
  • When opportunity knocks, seize it.
  • Never let your expenses outstrip your revenues
  • Don’t be a banker of your customer, timely collection of invoices are crucial.
  • Your customers are your company’s lifeblood.  They pay the bills. 
  • Nurture your people, they make it all happen.  Without them, you have no company.
  • Unless you want to do all the work, you have to think of ways to come up with new sources of revenues. 
  • If you focus only on managing cost, your business will never grow.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek advices when your business goes to a new level.
  • Making a profit is alway a necessity if you want to stay in business.
  • As an entrepreneur, the secret of success is to generate CASH, CASH, CASH.  Without good cash management, you will never make it as an entrepreneur.  
  • Profit is the applause that you get for taking care of your customer and creating a motivating environment for your people.
  • Look for moment of truth of your customers to create the kind of experience you want them to have.
  • Listen to your customers, discovering their ideas for improving the customer experiences can make your company’s vision and service even better. 
  • Don’t create a company of ducks, let your people soar like eagle to deliver superior eagle service.
  • Working people today want a partnership relationship, not a top down hierarchy.
  • Everyone should be encouraged to be a leader.
  • An effective performance management system help people win rather than rating and berating them. 
  • The best management includes day to day coaching that catches people doing thing rights and redirect their efforts when they are off base. 
  • Work as if life is about getting A’s
  • Passionate people and loyal customers drive success in your organization.
  • Long term success is about more than making tomorrow’s number
  • Relationship can deteriorate when they aren’t nourish.
  • A strength taken to an extreme can become a liability.
  • Keep your priority in order.  Work to balance your business life with the rest of your life
  • Continuously to seek the wisdom of your mentors.
  • It’s better to patiently implement a solid business strategy than rapidly pushing for growth.
  • The wrong leader can send you off to directions you don’t want to go.  The right leader at the right time can help steer things in the right directions.
  • To live a happy and fulfill life, be generous with your wealth, time and talent. 
  • Giving can be much more rewarding than receiving.
  • We all leave legacies.  Be intentional about making a positive difference with yours.
  • You can’t predict the good that can get from helping and forgiving someone.

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