About Double Edge

A Crypto Ecosystem that Unites all Crypto/Blockchain Related Services

Double Edge is a living, breathing crypto ecosystem, a multi-purpose vehicle to unite all crypto/blockchain related services under one umbrella.

The Crypto Exchange 2.0 – Get more out of the crypto/blockchain space!

Our crypto/blockchain ecosystem has a modular setup where the user tailors his experience based on his demands. We provide the service modules, you put them together.  Just your imagination is the limit.   It´s like a jigsaw puzzle, where everybody is given the same pieces but gets a different
looking picture at the end.  Big tech companies maybe provide our backend, but the frontend is ours to design so join us to build our global crypto/blockchain village together.

We have a massive market opportunity, strong tailwinds and the team to execute!  We start with charity, educational and unbanked services, but in a step by step process more will follow. The extensive use of AI and ML will secure a community daily inventing new use cases nobody ever dreamed about now.

Website: http://double-edge.net/

Business Lifecycle Stage: Seed and Development


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