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Replacing Plastic with Hemp

CIHC is redefining the economics of converting agricultural waste into high-value fibres used in proven large scale markets.

Canadian Industrial Hemp Corporation. (“CIHC” or “Company”), was established to convert agricultural waste into low cost, high performance replacement material for plastic and bentonite clay – both significant contributors to environmental pollution.  The company has developed patent pending technology to introduce automated quality control to the decortication industry.

The business was founded in 2016 by Robert Ziner, CEO. The business currently employs a Business Development Professional, an engineering consultancy and an experienced European hemp fibre production facility manager. Company has developed key strategic partnerships with private and governmental organizations, as well as a strong advisory board. The company has raised funds from the government of Alberta.  A federal program has advised of eligibility for a $US 8M repayable contribution towards the development of CIHC’s first facility.

CIHC’s patent-pending technology integrates proven large-scale European hemp stalk processing (“decortication”) equipment with proven advanced manufacturing technologies to increase margins.

Website: http://www.cihcorp.com

Business Lifecycle Stage: Seed and Development


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