About Beyond the Runway Inc.

Beyond the Runway is Canada’s premiere designer dress and purse rental company that offers access to an unlimited closet via a monthly subscription service.


Located in Montreal which is considered to be the fashion capital of Canada, Beyond the Runway is owned 100% by founder Lucy Zhao who started the company in 2019.

Inspired by the successful stories of the sharing economy, Ms. Zhao had the idea to put her experience at work to offer Canadian women the opportunity to rent exclusive, high-end clothing and accessories instead of buying.

Beyond the Runway currently offers a subscription-based rental service, which is not currently being offered by many fashion rental companies considered to be competitors.

The online renting process is based on two membership plans and a one-time rental that give customers multiple options according to their needs and taste.

Silver Membership subscription allows to rent up to four items at once and includes one swap per month for another four items. Gold Membership subscription plan gives the subscriber access to rent up to four items at once and includes unlimited swap throughout the month. This package gives also access to two luxury items per month.

Beyond the Runway core values are: innovation, service and sustainability

Innovation: We promote innovation — integrating high end e-commerce features and capabilities to offer the best personalized service and the most rewarding shopping experience. We always incorporate consumer feedback and input into our policies and strategies. Service: We strive to offer a high quality service in terms of responsiveness on all the communication channels: online via our website and throughout social media, by phone and in person for customers who visit our showroom.

Sustainability: Sharing clothes means less waste of clothes. Periodically, Beyond the Runway organize sample sales or donate to charities.

Combining advanced technology and talented people Beyond the Runway is planning to introduce the most up to date methods and tools in order to exceed customers’ expectations in terms of quality of products and service.

To reach this goal the company is committed to keeping up with the most recent trends in e-commerce.

Website: https://beyondtherunway.ca/

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