About Severance Day

An Intense Corporate Thriller Movie

In this intense corporate thriller, a group of office workers seek to steal millions from their corporate masters. Their plan goes awry when office politics, social issues and paranoia begin to interfere.

Severance Day is a hard-hitting, dialogue-driven thriller that is quite affordable to produce. The politically-incorrect nature of the dialogue is meant to elicit strong reactions and we plan on using the present culture war to our advantage. The high demand for thrillers coupled with the streaming war in full swing makes Severance Day a tremendous and timely opportunity to invest in films. Aside from ROI we also offer glamorous perks that no other investment form can offer. Severance Day is just the beginning, we have other projects ready to be developed once it is ready. Get in touch and let’s talk

Website: https://www.severanceday.com/

Business Lifecycle Stage: Seed and Development


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