5 Ways to Gain Trust Online

Use Video

Use of a multi sensory communication is critical online. The trend to video  is not new or groundbreaking however there are innovative ways to make the medium far  more effective than what we traditionalists on websites use on websites and Youtube. Use the trust triangle as a guideline and evaluation tool for your videos.

Communicate with light heartedness

These times call for communications that are  subtly uplifting, positively forward looking, and does not have the viewer,  reader or listener be brought back into a state of concern or worry.  Humour, although difficult to pull off, is the most effective tool to connect and lower stress levels in your audience

Use your unique voice

The challenge startups face is overcoming a lack of online credibility and familiarity with their company. A viewer of your website should be able  to hear your tone and see, read, or hear displays of the trust triangle throughout. Another  trap startups sometimes fall into is waiting to tell the audience that they have the trust  triangle traits in some way. Think creatively, and display, rather than say that you have  those traits instead.

Teach them something new

Share with your prospects something they don’t know, or  present something they already know in different perspective. This serves three benefits:  To educate the prospect related to your product’s solution, illustrate rigorous logic, and make them feel good by learning something new. The net result of these three benefits is  that it endears them to you and builds trust in your expertise of the subject matter.

Share the “Why” and the “What” but not the “How”

Educate your target freely and generously with as much useful content and displaying it across multiple platforms.  Diving deeper into the “why” displays your empathy and showcases the reasons and causes of your prospects’ pain points and becomes an effective way to teach them something new or remind them of something they already know presented in a new perspective. Be honest in how you can help your prospects but also acknowledge that there are other options available.